Welcome to the Geodetic Registry

The new online coordinate object repository for all Blue Marble Geographics' geodetic software.

The GeoCalc™ Geodetic Registry is the new online coordinate geometry repository for all of Blue Marble Geographics’ software. Geographic Calculator, the GeoCalc SDK, and the Global Mapper software solutions are now able to query the service to update or augment any supported geodetic object. The online registry is a hosted version of the complete GeoCalc library; accessible here as a resource and tool for surveyors, geodesists, and GIS analyst concerned with accurate and reliable coordinate reference system definitions as well as the most accurate coordinate transformations. GeoCalc is regularly updated and always current with the International Association of Oil and Gas Providers' EPSG Geomatic Registry.

Quick Map Search

Select a point on the map and click Search to find coordinate reference system and coordinate transform definitions about that area.

Test It Out

To test the registry with the Geographic Calculator, download it today.

Have Questions?

For questions on enterprise-wide usage of the GeoCalc Geodetic Registry, contact Blue Marble's Customer Support.

Need More Info?

For information on how to get started with the registry, visit our Getting Started Guide.