About This Website

The GeoCalc™ Geodetic Registry is the new online geodetic object repository for all Blue Marble Geographics’ geodetic software. Geographic Calculator, the GeoCalc SDK, and the Global Mapper software solutions are now able to query the service to update or augment any supported geodetic object. The online registry is a hosted version of the complete GeoCalc library; accessible here as a resource and tool for surveyors, geodesists, and GIS analyst concerned with accurate and reliable coordinate reference system definitions as well as the most accurate coordinate transformations. GeoCalc is regularly updated and always current with the International Association of Oil and Gas Providers' EPSG Geomatic Registry.

GeoCalc Online Geodetic Registry Features

Version 2.0

  • Mobile friendly display for improved display on smart devices
  • More open log in requirements, users can now use registry for searching definitions without logging in. Log in is now required only for more advanced features like printing and exporting to GML or WKT
  • New map-based search tool on main page
  • Printer friendly layout option for definition pages
  • Getting started guide

Version 1.0

  • Release of the GeoCalc online registry – an online geodetic parameter library
  • Fully synced with the EPSG database
  • Multi parameter search: Name, EPSG code, Remarks, Area of Use, etc.
  • Direct URL link for any geodetic definition for easy sharing
  • Export definitions as Well Known Text (WKT) or Geographic Markup Language (GML)
  • Accessible directly in the Geographic Calculator 2016 SP2 and higher as well as through Global Mapper’s EPSG code search tool